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How to become a confident parent – a testimonial.

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The Circle of Security Parenting Program doesn’t provide you with a set of rules nor is it about doing things wrong or right – it teaches a framework for thinking about our role as parent regardless of age or stage of our child or even of the context we find ourselves in.

But all Circle of Security Parenting Programs are not the same.  The Elizabeth Clinic is the only provider in WA and we have nearly 10 years experience with it.  We know parents find it hard to get places, so we offer a creche and are working towards providing parenting support well beyond the eight sessions.

Here is a testimonial from one of our parents who recently completed the group.  We are so pleased to know that we have been part of this fabulous story.

I am the mother of a three year old boy and I have struggled at times with parenting. The Elizabeth Clinic has been an amazing resource for me in those stressful times. Their professionalism, knowledge and wide range of health professionals has given me confidence and strategies to be a better mother and therefore create a more trusting and bonding relationship with my little boy.

One of the amazing services that The Elizabeth Clinic provides is group led parenting education sessions called, the ‘Circle of Security’. It was explained to me by a health care professional at The Elizabeth Clinic as the only parenting education that you ever need and that she still used it with her teenage children.

So I started the Circle of Security. There is a crèche available for these sessions which is free. If your child isn’t ‘on the move’ those children were normally in the sessions. If your child wants you, the amazing women in the crèche will bring your child to you throughout each session.

The health professional that leads these sessions is knowledgeable, effectively focuses on every member in the group and teaches the principles of Circle of Security in a way that you can’t forget them. I noticed soon after beginning the Circle of Security that my relationship with my son became more secure. This was due to having a greater understanding of my son’s emotional world by learning in these sessions how to read his emotional needs, how to manage his emotions and how to help him develop a healthy self esteem.

My relationship with my boy has strengthened so much and I feel like my entire family laughs and delights in each other so much more now. In addition, I was able to meet great people that are going through exactly the same thing and am still in contact with these people even though the Circle of Security sessions have ended.

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