There are a couple of reasons why there is a multitude of parenting books, courses and other self help resources available. It is because every parenting relationship is different and as parents, the main framework we bring is our own experience of having been a child – good stuff and not so good stuff. The other reason is that our children are individuals, constantly changing and developing at their own pace, and our job is to help them work it all out from their point of view and not according to a set of outcome measures or instructions.

At the Elizabeth Clinic we understand parenting as a complex interplay of variables, some in the parent, some in the child, some in the past and some in the present. We work from a relationship perspective to help parents recognise their own strengths and struggles and those of their children. By supporting children’s emotional and social worlds, they can learn to manage how they behave in a healthy and resilient way.

We have decades of research to show that a secure attachment relationship for a child in the first years of life is correlated with resilience, enhanced learning, healthy relationships, and success in personal and working life. The Elizabeth Clinic has significant expertise in helping families attain this secure attachment for all their children, with an individualized assessment and management plan.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program is a well researched and successful international program, which all our clinicians are familiar with. It is available as a group program or for individuals and couples.  The Elizabeth Clinic is also the only training provider in WA of the Circle of Security Parenting DVD Program.  Dates of future training are available under the training tab.

The Lighthouse Program is new to Perth, and has had excellent results in helping parents in the UK with children who have emotional problems.  It provides information about how parents’ relationship with their children can promote children’s growth and development, build resilience, and help them meet their individual potential in life.   The aim of the group is to empower parents to understand and meet their children’s need for a feeling of security.  Research shows over and over again that children who feel secure in their relationships with their parents are better equipped for life.  The Elizabeth Clinic is the only provider of this program under the supervision of the authors in the UK.

Our clinical nurse specialist is also available to attend Mother’s Groups or Playgroups to provide informal sessions based on the Circle of Security and understanding your child’s emotional needs.