Post Pregnancy



Congratulations again and welcome to your new family member. This post partum period is full of celebration, excitement, anxiety and sometimes a sense of being overwhelmed. It is a time of uncertainty and there is often a very steep learning curve. There seems to be so many new things to know and new things to do. The world as you knew it is suddenly very different.

For many families, getting to know their new baby and their new roles, is without struggle but for some there seems to be many obstacles in their path to feeling confident with being a parent.

Up to 16% of new mothers will suffer clinically significant psychological symptoms in the first 3 months postpartum, and research shows that early intervention can make all the difference, because left untreated, these symptoms can interfere in their relationship with the baby and with their partner, which can have long lasting effects.

Up to 40% of partners of women with a diagnosed mental health disorder will develop symptoms themselves and overall 10% men postpartum will develop a mental health disorder.

We understand this vulnerability at the Elizabeth Clinic and have structured our services to provide individualized, comprehensive, and timely support to all families – mothers, fathers, grandparents, infants and children. Noone in a family operates in isolation to the others and all solutions need to take this into account.

An appointment with any of our clinicians will have a focus on family relationships and creating individualized health plans.

Feeding your baby can sometimes be complex and unhelpful patterns can set in very quickly. It can be hard to get consistent information and support. Any feeding difficulties need a rapid response and our GP Lactation Consultant can provide comprehensive assessment and management to suit each family’s circumstances, without referral and at relatively short notice. Dr Rowan also has extensive experience in mental health and wellbeing and approaches all consultations with this in mind.

The Paediatricians at our service are interested in helping families with unsettled infants in addition to more general paediatrics. They also have a family centered approach and will work with referrers and other care providers.

Our paediatric team can also help you with any concerns you may have about development, from assessment to the creation of individualised treatment plans.

Our Coming Together Group, Pathways Group and Circle of Security Parenting Program are all tailored to support the family unit through this intense and sometimes overwhelming time.