Pre Pregnancy



Everyone hopes that becoming a parent will be smooth and easy, but conception, pregnancy, and bringing a new life into the world, are ventures that hold special challenges. Helping each of your children to meet his or her potential right from the start, is important to every parent – but nobody can do this without support.

There is increasing evidence to show that the determinants of health, wellbeing and disease for many of us began at the point of conception. At the Elizabeth Clinic we understand the importance of health in pregnancy, in particular mental health and well being.

We have specific expertise in managing and understanding the risk and impact of mental health disorders in pregnancy, providing advice about the use of psychotropic medication in pregnancy and in supporting couples who may require fertility services. We are able to offer services to individuals, carers and to couples.

There are also some families for whom the thought of a subsequent pregnancy is overwhelming after a difficult time with the previous delivery. The good news is that it can never be the same again and there are a multitude of interventions that can make pregnancy and delivery a much better experience. A preconception appointment with one of our specialists can offer the reassurance and support you may need to embark on another pregnancy. Our specialists work closely with many obstetricians in Perth, and can assist you in communicating your concerns to the obstetrician and the hospital.

The Elizabeth Clinic is committed to providing care for those struggling with fertility issues but we not able to provide psychiatric assessment for the early release of superannuation for fertility treatment.