Puberty and Beyond


puberty and beyond

Adolescence is a time of change. Physical changes, cognitive changes, psychological changes and most importantly relationship changes. The little boy or girl who has been held close within the family, starts to look outward, into the world and into the future.

Who am I? Who are my friends? What do I think is right? What do I think is wrong? Who do I want to be? So many questions….without clear answers. In amongst a society that demands answers from teenagers, at the same time as asking more questions – really difficult questions.

Confusion and struggle are a core component of this developmental stage, and for some teenagers this can be more than they can manage, and potentially more than their family can manage. It is helpful at these times to look to the experts and touch base with a well qualified clinician who understands the world of the adolescent.

Our clinical psychologists have a wealth of experience working with teenagers and can offer a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan, incorporating all the various parts of a teenagers world – family, school, friends. The paediatricians also have experience across all ages with both Dr Argiro and Dr Hutana holding current positions in the childrens’ hospital. They can be mindful of not only the psychosocial development but the physical and pubertal development that is so varied in this age group.

The Elizabeth Clinic is also actively working to recruit an adolescent psychiatrist to offer the medical mental health support to our team and their patients.