Services provided by psychiatrists, paediatricians, GP Lactation consultant, psychologists and specialist nurses are eligible for medicare rebates.

For all services other than an appointment with the GP Lactation consultant, a referral is necessary to receive a rebate. A referral from a GP is valid for 12 months and a specialist referral for only 3 months.

It is best for a referral to the Elizabeth Clinic to include the parent/s as well as the child.

We will endeavour to remind you of your referral status but it is ultimately the responsibility of the patient to have a valid referral.

A Mental Health Care Plan from a general practitioner or a psychiatrist is necessary to receive a rebate for psychology sessions, but psychological treatment can also be provided under private health insurance policies or fee for service. A Mental Health Care Plan allows access to a rebate for 10 sessions of individual and 10 sessions of group therapy per calender year.

Pregnancy counselling medicare rebates are available to all women who are pregnant or in the first 12 months postpartum. The referral must be from a GP and request pregnancy counselling by the qualified nurse.

All referrals should be sent to the clinic PRIOR to the appointment, by fax, post or email.